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sophshep 10:30 AM

/github subscribe

GitHub APP 10:30 AM

subscribed to github/fetch

GitHub APP 11:35 AM

Pull request opened by bkeepers


#521 Add additional fallbacks

This extends the solution in #253 for React Native compatibility.

github/fetch | Today at 11:35 AM

codecov/project: 97.04% (-0.1) compared to b8b2627

codecov/patch: 0% of diff hit (target 97.14%)

✅ 3 other checks have passed

3/5 successful checks

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rubyjazzy 10:30 AM

I figured out where it's being parsed, but where is the hex coming from?


function parseColor (colorString) {
    const color = parseInt(colorString, 10)
    return isNaN(color) ? 0 : Math.min(Math.max(color, 0), 255)

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atom/atom | Added by GitHub

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GitHub APP 11:35 AM

Issue opened by kimestoesta


#198 Streaming support

github/fetch | Today at 11:35 AM

wilhelmklopp 11:36 AM

Shipped 🚢
/github close github/fetch#198

GitHub APP 11:36 AM

Issue closed by wilhelmklopp

#198 Streaming support

github/fetch | Today at 11:36 AM

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